Various Audio Gear Icons

Roland D-10 Digitech RDS Digitech GSP 21 Legend
Akai K3m Waldorf Microwave XT ART Multiverb III
Roland Octapad Yamaha PSR-520 Alesis Quadrasynth
Alesis Quadraverb Yamaha RX-5 Digitech SmartShift
Yamaha TG-33 Yamaha TX-16W

These are Apple Audio MIDI Setup icons I made for various gear I own. I photographed my equipment with a digital camera and spiffed-up the pictures in Photoshop. These are already in PNG format so you could download them directly and use them in OS X's Audio MIDI Setup utility. I apologize for the rather dusty RX-5 and TG-33. I photographed my gear and made these a week before I decided to clean my studio…

If you want to use your own custom icons with AMS, you should download these images or make your own then save the PNG files in a folder named something useful like "My Studio." Move the folder to /Library/Audio/MIDI Devices/. Then Open AMS, click the MIDI Devices tab, and double-click the gear whose icon you want to replace. In the next window, click the large icon and select your folder from the pop menu in the More Properties area. Select on your icon and click OK.

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Artwork Copyright: ©2003, George Fox

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